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INTERTEL Welcomes New National Business Development Manager


St. Louis, Missouri (May 17, 2018) – INTERTEL, the nationally recognized leader in Medical Canvassing, announces that Jason Turk has joined INTERTEL, Inc. as National Business Development Manager.

Jason TurkPrior to joining the INTERTEL team, Jason held significant roles in the military as well as the risk and insurance industry. As a member of the United States Marine Corps, Jason learned early on the value of dedication, loyalty, and teamwork. Visiting nations around the world, Jason’s experience in servant leadership and ambassadorship would play a vital role in representing the United States. After serving four years as an infantry leader, Jason entered the risk industry as an insurance fraud investigator in 1997. Over several years, this role evolved from Field Investigator to Qualified Manager and Director of Operations. Jason has held positions within the Risk and Insurance industry that exponentially increased his knowledge base and value to the field.

“We are thrilled to have Jason join the INTERTEL team,” said Steve DeRossett, President of INTERTEL. “With his notable risk and insurance experience, we look forward to the new opportunities and growth Jason will bring to the company’s insurance claims medical canvassing base.”

Regarded as highly experienced, Jason has given over one hundred continuing education classes on the topics of claims investigation, claims management, Medicare Compliance, and risk management. Jason focuses on bringing a consultative approach to his endeavors, having critical exposure and development experiences in the fields of investigations, Medicare Compliance, insurance claims management, and national brand management. Regarded as highly experienced, Jason has been a speaker at over two hundred presentations on the topics of claims investigations, claims management, Medicare Compliance, and Risk Mitigation. Jason enjoys the opportunity to teach and engage provocative thought and learning in others. Jason’s experience also includes being certified to adjust California and Texas Workers’ Compensation claims.

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INTERTEL provides professional, cost-effective investigative services to assist in the fight against insurance fraud. With dedicated staff serving insurance companies, self-insured companies and third-party administrators around the world, INTERTEL knows how to look for fraud and how to obtain information on those who perpetrate it. INTERTEL is the nationally recognized leader and industry architect, provides the most secure, consistent and quality information to the claims industry.

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