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Value-Added Technology

INTERTEL uses proprietary state of the art operating platforms to conduct Canvasses and keep Clients informed on a 24/7 basis.

CREST iTotalAccess

CREST MedCheckPro


iTotalAccess Canvassing Dashboard

Assignment Dash boarding & Usage Metrics

INTERTEL’s proprietary iTotalAccess platform allows end users to view a multitude of information associated with each assignment. This industry leading platform also allows for central assignment management associated with a Client’s Medical Canvass Program.

iTotal Access Login Screen

The platform includes the following features:

CREST Track up to the minute assignment status

CREST Interactive, hover features for quick views of:

– Treatment Timelines (with hover over options)

– Visual & Interactive Maps

– Company & Industry Usage Comparisons

– Various Assignment Views

CREST View open and/or completed reports and associated invoices

CREST Make changes or additions to assignments

CREST Securely communicate directly with INTERTEL

CREST Easily search and view archived assignments

CREST Share reports, videos, photos and invoices with doctors, lawyers and colleagues

    New iTotal Access Tutorial Video Coming Soon!



MedCheckPro is a revolutionary proprietary software designed by INTERTEL, Inc. and once again sets the industry standard.

MedCheckPro combines INTERTEL’’s unmatched experience, data gathering ability and quality standards into a singular desktop software application.

INTERTEL’s Medical Canvassing Analysts, with the support of MedCheckPro are able to:

CREST Access and conduct medical facility canvasses utilizing the data compiled by MedCheckPro.

CREST Provide analysts with the capability to enter the information collected.

CREST The data gathered is then extrapolated and computed

CREST INTERTEL filters quality control mechanisms triggering functionality and storage parameters.

CREST MedCheckPro provides an end report consisting of the most thorough and accurate medical treatment information available.

Additionally, MedCheckPro was specifically designed to interface seamlessly with INTERTEL’’s iTotalAccess system so that Clients all over the nation can track up to the minute progress, view completed reports and make changes or additions to assignments.

The creation and implementation of a system as sophisticated as MedCheckPro, allows INTERTEL to remain the worldwide leader in providing medical history information to insurance companies, TPA’s and self-insured’s. As one of the original architects and creators of Medical Canvass, INTERTEL takes great pride in once again setting the bar!

To view a demonstration of MedCheckPro, please contact our corporate headquarters at (800) 791-7776