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Online Profile Targeting Index

Social media activity levels continue to increase at exponential rates. It’s estimated that people have, on average, 7.6 social media accounts each. Over 200,000 images and videos are posted every minute on Facebook and Instagram alone. The data that can be gathered via this open source intelligence can be crucial when conducting due diligence associated to a file, when it is secured the right way. We understand that today’s investigative professionals not only want something that is visual pleasing, but need the ability to preserve and share actionable data now, when it is located.

Total Capture

Commonly referred to as Social Media Checks, INTERTEL’s industry-leading Online Profile Targeting Index (OPTI Check) is a comprehensive tool used to identify and secure a person’s public social media profile.

Our state-of-the-art collection process provides an unprecedented view of the data, utilizing new technology that provides an offline, archival copy of a subject’s social media profiles. We sign that data as it is captured with an easily-verifiable cryptographic hash so you can verify that it has not been altered or modified in anyway, making your evidence legally defensible.

Additionally, INTERTEL automatically downloads all the photos and videos from the most popular social media platforms*, at no additional cost, ensuring that you don’t miss out on vital evidence and allowing you to analyze that data as your schedule allows. *Facebook downloads must be requested separately at an additional cost.

Each complete OPTI report includes:

  • A listing of all discovered and captured social media profiles
  • Photos and Videos from available social media platforms. *Facebook extra charge
  • Offline, archival captures of discovered social media websites which you can view in a browser. These archival captures are a direct snapshot of a subject’s social media profile as it was on the date and time of capture.
  • PDF versions of each social media platform discovered.

Contact us today for a demonstration to learn how INTERTEL’s OPTI Check can increase your productivity, enhance your file management process, and reduce costs associated with litigation.