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Legal and Regulatory Considerations in Medical Canvassing
October 8, 2020 Insights

When choosing a medical canvassing provider it is important that you choose a partner whom is well-versed in both the legal and regulatory environments they operate. It is imperative that the medical canvassing provider knows how to represent themselves and you in an appropriate manner when communicating with healthcare providers. An important measure that canvassing providers should take is having an established training program for their canvassers. This program should entail proper ways to ask …

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New Claims Considerations in a Post COVID19 Environment
April 2, 2020 Insights

April 2, 2020 These are unprecedented times and the effects of mandatory business closures, shelter-in-place orders, and unexpected unemployment have yet to be seen. In an effort to preserve jobs, restaurant staff have been assigned delivery jobs, often requiring them to use personal vehicles for work. Likewise, Uber drivers have transitioned to Uber Eats drivers, due to the decline in the need for rideshare. The transportation, manufacturing, hospitality, and retail industries are all currently laying …

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Important COVID-19 Update from INTERTEL
March 23, 2020 Insights

Update: March 23rd, 2020 Dear Valued INTERTEL Client, I hope this note finds you and your organization well in this challenging time. INTERTEL is closely monitoring developments related to COVID-19, including information and guidance published by the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control. In respect to the executive orders related to California, Pennsylvania, New York, Illinois, Ohio, New Jersey, Connecticut, Louisiana and Michigan, INTERTEL remains open with no disruptions to our canvass …

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Data Security in Medical Canvassing
August 20, 2019 Insights

by Kristian Piipponen It seems that every week we hear about yet another data breach where people’s personal data has been compromised. Security of information has never been as important or as mainstream as it is today and should be of the utmost importance whenever choosing a medical canvassing partner. Whomever you choose, be sure that they take measures to maximize BOTH physical and cyber security when it comes to protecting data. To create a high level …

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#TermTuesday: Insurable Risk
May 7, 2019 Insights

Insurance is all about mitigating risk. Regardless of what is being covered, a person or property, the company is partially assuming the risk that something wrong may happen.       The conditions that define an insurable risk varies from industry to industry, however some conditions are nearly universal: the peril insured against must caused by accident or chance and be out of the control of the policy holder there must be a high number of …

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Continued Education Credits with INTERTEL, Inc
April 16, 2019 Insights

INTERTEL is proud to offer a multi-state accredited Continuing Education course!      The INTERTEL Continuing Education course is centered around using Medical Canvassing as an alternative to traditional surveillance for verifying information provided for an insurance claim. The presentation discusses when and how to properly use a Medical Canvass, what information can be gathered from a Canvass, and what can be done with that information. During the presentation HIPAA compliance and legal and ethical issues are also covered.  …

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PRE-EX Canvass at the Eastern Claims Conference
April 9, 2019 Insights

Last week, INTERTEL’s Nathan Hessel attended the Eastern Claims Conference in Boston, MA. ECC is an excellent conference for the Disability and Life Insurance Industry, which made it a prime event to showcase the PRE-EX Canvassing Program.  PRE-EX Canvass has been created to work with carriers on both the underwriting and claim end to secure the information necessary to make the proper determination on assessing that risk or covering the claim. More than 100 million adults in the US …

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#TermTuesday: Ownocc and Anyocc
March 26, 2019 Insights

Long-term disability (LTD) policies usually belong to two categories: Own Occupation (ownocc) or Any Occupation (anyocc). When a claimant first is approved for LTD, it is as “ownocc.” This policy defines a disability as the inability to work at your regular occupation, but you may still be able to work in another field. After a year, the claimant is re-evaluated and so is their status. If it is believed that they can still do work, …

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#TermTuesday – What are MIST or LIST Claims?
January 8, 2019 Insights

January 8, 2019 This week, we take a look at: MINOR IMPACT AND SOFT TISSUE INJURY (MIST) CLAIMS (also known as Low Impact and Soft Tissue (LIST) claims) MIST is an acronym that means “Minor Impact Soft Tissue.” MIST is a classification used to designate an insurance claim that involves minimal visible damage to a vehcile and a “soft-tissue” injury. Some common soft-tissue injuries resulting from car accidents include: Sprains Strains Contusions Whiplash Medical Canvassing …

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INTERTEL Joins Movement Against Fraud as an Official Supporter of Fraud Awareness Week
November 9, 2018 Insights

November 9, 2018 Fraud costs organizations worldwide an estimated 5 percent of their annual revenues, according to a study conducted by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE). The ACFE’s 2018 Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse analyzed 2,690 occupational fraud cases that caused a total loss of more than $7.1 billion. The seriousness of the global fraud problem is why INTERTEL, Inc. announced that it will be participating in International Fraud Awareness Week, …

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