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Company Profile – About Us

INTERTEL, the nationally recognized leader and industry architect, provides the claims industry with the most secure, consistent, & comprehensive information for over 2 decades. INTERTEL’s dedicated resources are highly specialized bringing over 30 years experience in the Medical Canvassing field and more than 60 years in the insurance business. Currently, INTERTEL maintains the largest Canvass operation in the country. Split between 2 cities (St. Louis & Denver) and 4 locations, INTERTEL’s full time canvassing staff has the logistical capabilities to continually offer best-in-class service and results.

INTERTEL’s dedicated staff services insurance companies, self-insured companies and Third-Party Administrators (TPA’s) around the nation!



Client Services

INTERTEL’s Client Services Department brings together many of the industry’s top sales and marketing professionals. These highly trained men and women take the industry lead when procuring new business, working closely with current Clients and always ensuring customer satisfaction. In addition, many members of this department are Continuing Education (CE) Certified Instructors and spend the vast majority of their time traveling the country presenting to current and prospective Clients. While all employees at INTERTEL strive to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction, this department takes particular interest in building and maintaining long lasting business relationships all around the world. To contact an INTERTEL Client Services team member, please email Clientservices@intertelgo.com or call (800) 791-7776

Medical Check / Canvassing Analysts

INTERTEL team members working under this unit are responsible for conducting specified medical facility Canvasses. With nearly 100 Medical Canvassing Analysts on staff (and growing), INTERTEL’s Medical Check/Canvassing Department is currently the largest Medical Canvass operation in the country. All members of this industry leading team participate in continual training associated with medical record keeping standards, legal & ethical codes of conduct and on-going technical proficiency centered around INTERTEL’s proprietary software, MedCheckPro.

Administrative Services

INTERTEL’s administrative support personnel serve a critical function during the life cycle of each and every assignment received from an INTERTEL Client. Typically, these consistently professional individuals are the first to lay eyes on all assignments during the intake process. Equally as important, members of the Administrative Services team serve as the last line of defense to ensure that INTERTEL’s industry leading quality standards have been met prior to final submission to the Client. Other mission critical duties of this department include: Customer Service inquiries, billing questions, assignment intake, human resources and final report preparation. To contact an INTERTEL Administrative Services team member, please email Intertel@intertelgo.com or call (800) 791-7776