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Strategic Partnership Announced

Continuing Education

At no cost to your organization, INTERTEL will provide on-site training and/or webinar based training regarding the general use of Medical Canvassing. States all over the country have overwhelmingly approved INTERTEL’s training presentations Continuing Education (CE) Credit. INTERTEL is proud to offer FREE CE credit training in all states requiring such for license renewal. These training sessions are crucial in ensuring proper utilization. INTERTEL’s training is also designed to cover legal & ethical issues. Contact our office today at (800) 791-7776 to schedule your FREE on-site and/or webinar, state approved, CE Training Presentation.

Interactive Canvass Wheel

The below interactive Canvass Wheel was designed by INTERTEL to help our Clients identify a starting point for any claim needing a Medical Canvass. Listed under the various types of injuries are Medical Canvasses INTERTEL’s experienced staff recommends Clients to choose based on years of data analysis for the most successful results. Click on the left or right side of the wheel to rotate it!