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Strategic Partnership Announced

As the largest national provider of medical background information to the insurance claims community, INTERTEL, Inc. announces final implementation of superior enhancements to its industry leading medical canvass reports.

Effective April 15, 2014 all INTERTEL medical canvass reports will contain a Potential Red Flags section and an analytical Treatment Activity Score designed to create more effective communication between claims and SIU, when necessary.

Potential Red Flags

Most of Intertel’s medical canvass reports contain large amounts of treatment data consisting primarily of “dates of service” at various medical facilities. In a high volume claims environment, Intertel understands the importance of being able to scan through and interpret this data as efficiently as possible. INTERTEL’s Potential Red Flags section highlights and more importantly, draws the readers’ eye directly to key points throughout the report. Combined with identifying pieces of core data, INTERTEL’s report visualization of Potential Red Flags closes the gap on potential errors when filtering through large amounts of detailed medical treatment information.

Treatment Activity Score

In the last several years most claims organizations have overwhelmingly deemed medical canvassing a claims due diligence function versus an SIU function. However, the information contained in a medical canvass investigation can often result in SIU involvement based on the presence of certain red flags. INTERTEL has developed and implemented a Treatment Activity Score into all final reports to assist adjusters in identifying when potential SIU involvement may be warranted. Utilizing proprietary percentage weighting and frequency of occurrence modeling, INTERTEL has put into effect a (1 – 10) visual scoring system as part of the process for analyzing large amounts of medical treatment data.

“One of our many industry leading initiatives at INTERTEL is to set the bar and to continue to remain the standard in the medical canvassing arena”, said INTERTEL’s CEO, John T. Clarkson, Jr. “INTERTEL will always adapt to ever changing customer needs while also defining what medical canvassing should consist of when investigating insurance claims. As the largest national supplier of medical canvass data, we’re confident that the industry will respond favorably to the new way claims operations are conducting high quality medical canvass operations.”

Worth noting: INTERTEL’s Treatment Activity Scoring model was developed over a several month period through strategic partnerships and information sharing with two of the nations’ largest P&C Carriers. INTERTEL’s scoring model is tailorable to the needs of a specific claims and/or SIU organization based on ranking and weighting of potential red flags.

***ALL INTERTEL medical canvasses are conducted in house; third party vendors are never utilized when gathering canvass data.